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September | 2011 | Association of Flight Attendants-CWA Council 72

Archive for September 29, 2011

Our Right to Wear the AFA Pin

We have the right to wear the AFA pin on our uniform.  Click the link below to read the letter from AFA to Omni about this issue.  The letter is in response to a supervisor directing a Flight Attendant to remove the AFA pin from her uniform. 


If you are asked to remove your AFA pin, please send an email to afa4me@afaomni.org.  Thank you.

NMB Denies Request for Extension of Voting Period

The votes will be tallied at 1400 EDT on Tuesday, October 25 as scheduled.

Flight Attendant Discipline…why now?

There is a lot of talk about discipline these days. Are you curious as to why that is, all of a sudden?

Maybe management understands that with a union contract we will have recourse when it comes to discipline and they are busy trying to get it all out of the way before that happens. Maybe they want to use that late show you had once, a year and a half ago, to call you into the office or on the phone to talk about things. Your opinion about the union drive or what is happening out on the line, perhaps?

Whatever it is, the timing certainly is suspicious. Especially considering the length of time that has passed since some of these alleged infractions.

The other puzzling piece about the timing of the recent crackdown is that it probably isn’t helping the company anti-union campaign. It provides us with the perfect opportunity to discuss why we need a union. It hits that point home. Read more

We’ve Got Dates

The National Mediation Board has announced the dates for our representation election.  The voting instructions will be mailed from the NMB’s office in Washington, DC, to all eligible voters on Tuesday, October 4th.  The voting will end on Tuesday, October 25th and the results will be known on that day.

The election will be conducted electronically.  Flight attendants may vote via the internet or telephone.

Management Responds to NMB

Election News

Our campaign for AFA representation is moving along well.  Yesterday, the company turned over a list of potential eligible voters along with handwriting samples from each flight attendant to the National Mediation Board (NMB).  An investigator from the NMB will now begin comparing the list and handwriting samples to the AFA Authorization Cards.  The representation election will be scheduled once the comparison is completed. 

Read more