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November | 2011 | Association of Flight Attendants-CWA Council 72

Archive for November 17, 2011

AFA Omni Update

November 17, 2011

Hello Fellow Omni Crew Members,

It’s been three weeks since we won our AFA election to have our voices heard here at Omni. It took a lot of hard work on everyone’s part leading up to that big victory and now even more work has begun to move toward securing our first collective bargaining agreement.

It has been very quiet the last couple weeks and we recognize that the silence has been a bit unnerving.  Rest assured that while it doesn’t seem that much has been said, there is a lot of work going on.  From here on out we will be updating our website www.afaomni.org on a weekly basis.  Additionally, we will be sending out e-line newsletters on a regular basis to keep you informed of our progress as we move forward.

Currently, we are working on three very important tasks as we move toward negotiations with the company:

1: Our Membership Drive is in full swing!  We are actively reaching out to flight attendants via e-mail, our website, www.afaomni.org, and Facebook, to get the message out to sign and mail in your AFA membership applications.  Additionally, we have flight attendants out on the line with applications to complete and mail back to AFA.  Scott Miller, DeAndre Pressley and Andrus Washington have volunteered to be on the Membership Drive Committee and are actively assisting people to get their applications completed.  If you would like to volunteer to be on the Membership Drive Committee and receive a membership kit (complete with applications, AFA pins and bag-tags) to assist in this effort, please contact Mya Grap or Ken Heare and we will send those supplies directly to your home.  Membership applications can also be downloaded from our website at www.afaomni.org.

2: We are in the process of selecting our Negotiating Committee! The Negotiating Committee will be comprised of two Omni Flight Attendant AFA members, the MEC President, and our Staff Negotiator from Washington, D.C., Beth DeProspero. If you wish to be considered as a member of the Negotiating Committee, please email us at afaoaimec@gmail.com with your interest and information by November 21, 2011. We expect to make a decision by December 1st.

3: The last, and one of the most important tasks we are working on, is to establish a timetable with management to begin our negotiations process.  A few days after we won our AFA representation election, we sent a letter to Jeff Crippen and Jeff Staton, declaring our victory and introducing our appointed LEC/MEC officers.  We have requested an initial meeting with management to establish an agreement regarding the provisions that will be afforded to our MEC leadership to conduct union business.  This will include how the MEC leadership and Negotiating Committee members are released from duty to participate in meetings and other union business such as trainings and preparations for negotiations, as well as the financial provisions for the above listed events.  We are also asking the company to work in good faith to establish the calendar for negotiations.  We hope to have a date for this first meeting by the end of this week.

Your feedback over the last few weeks has been helpful, and also appreciated.  Please continue to contact us at any time with any questions, comments, and/or concerns.  We look forward to even more input as we work to negotiate our first contract!

If you did not receive this e-line newsletter directly to your e-mail address, click here to add your contact information to ensure you receive future communications from your AFA Officers.

In Unity,

Mya Grap,  AFA Interim LEC/MEC President

Ken Heare,  AFA Inerim LEC/MEC Secretary/Treasurer