Jumpseat Agreements

We tried to list the most popular agreements. For the full list, go to Crew Net on your company site.
Air TransatTerms​

Alaska Airlines – Terms

Allegiant Air (702-214-0307) – Terms

Listing for Allegiant can be done online through MyIDTravel. Login as normal with Omni’s generic username and select G4/Allegiant from the dropdown menu.
MYIDTravel Generic Login

Frontier (877-302-8804) – Terms

Listing for Frontier can be done online. Go to ID90Travel Login and create an account by following directions on the site. You will then be able to list for your flight.

Hawaiian AirlinesTerms

JetBlueInstructions / Terms / Procedures / Briefing

Silver AirwaysTerms (OAI/Silver Airways)

Southwest (866-359-7967) – Instructions / Terms

SpiritTerms / Spirit Jumpseat Guide

Swiftair – Terms