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Tentative Agreement | Association of Flight Attendants-CWA Council 72

Tentative Agreement

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TA Questions and Answers


Q: Will a tentative agreement be voted on by all Omni Flight Attendants or only Omni AFA members?

A: Only Members can vote.  Voting instructions will be sent to all Omni Flight Attendants, but in order for your vote to count, you must become an AFA member prior to the vote count.  A deadline for submission of membership applications prior to the vote count will be established and communicated to all Omni Flight Attendants.  Only Omni AFA members’ votes will be counted.

Q: How is voting conducted?

A: Balloting is conducted electronically through VoteNet Solutions, the leading provider of secure on-demand voting and balloting software and telephone voting. Voting instructions will be mailed to all Omni Air Flight Attendant’s homes.

We will post a link to the VoteNet secure site on-line.

Q: How do I ensure my address is up to date with AFA?

A: Go to to update your contact information.

Q: What percentage is needed for the tentative agreement to pass?

A: A simple majority of AFA members who cast a vote is needed to ratify the agreement.

For example, if 100 members cast a vote, it would take 51 (100 divided by 2 plus 1) to ratify the agreement.

Q: How long will voting last?

A: AFA’s Constitution and Bylaws Section VI.B.5.e states that “the Master Executive Council will determine the number of days for the completion of the ratification vote.  The Master Executive Council shall provide a sufficient amount of time for the ratification ballot, taking into consideration the availability of the membership to vote.”  It goes on to guarantee that the period will be no less than 18 days.  We will take into consideration our unique flying and length of trips when determining the voting schedule.

Q: How will we review the agreement and be able to ask questions?

A: You will receive a summary of the agreement which will break down each section by bullet points to highlight the provisions included.  A copy of the agreement will also be posted on-line.  In addition, members of the Negotiating Committee will make themselves available to answer your questions.  We will have to determine the most effective way to reach our extended Flight Attendant group, however we will do everything in our power to ensure that our group can make a well thought out and informed decision.

Q: What happens if the tentative agreement is not ratified?

A: When reviewing the tentative agreement we will need to consider whether a specific item(s) that we might not like is a deal breaker for the majority – in other words, is it a strike issue for the majority? While that may be very tough for the individual items we each care about, it is important to weigh whether we have the ability to change it.

If the tentative agreement doesn’t ratify, Omni would continue to have free reign over our schedules and to pocket the money that would otherwise be in Flight Attendant paychecks.

Excluding the impact of outside forces (fuel costs, charter contracts, etc), we can share what we know has happened in other negotiations. The National Mediation Board would require us to define a limited number of issues to change from the current TA before considering scheduling any sessions. These issues would need to be common priorities of the entire work group and we would need to demonstrate our desire to reach an agreement through action such as a strike vote. Essentially, we would be stating that we are willing to strike over those issues and it would require a 90% or greater strike vote to be effective.