Benefits and Retirement Committee
The Benefits and Retirement Committee works with Omni to improve options for 401K plans and will work toward improving benefits and retirement for our members.
Our Benefits/401K Committee chairperson is Naitro Taylor (IAD) and she is joined by volunteers Melanie Bergstrom (DFW), Karen Sloan (BWI), Neosha Taylor (DFW) and Anita Trump (IAD).
Concerns relating to our benefits, payroll and 401K should be directed to
Officer Advisor: John Reise

EAP/Professional Standards Committee
The EAP/ Professional Standards Committee offers flight attendants assistance in a crisis and assist in finding professional assistance when needed. They provide information and assistance to flight attendants needing support on personal issues. They also work to resolve employee to employee disputes. They receive and act upon information regarding the professional conduct of flight attendants.
Our EAP/Professional Standards Committee chairperson is Thea Kelm (IAD) and she is joined by volunteer Tricia Le (DFW), Deanna Sauceda (DFW), David Laureano (IAD), Naitro Taylor (IAD), and Derek Villagomez (DFW).
Concerns relating to our Employee Assistance Program and Professional Standards should be directed to
Officer Advisor: Anita Trump

Grievance Committee
The Grievance Committee represents flight attendants in discipline and contract disputes. The Grievance Committee will help members to interpret contract language and will protect the rights of the flight attendants as outlined in the contract. Grievance Committee members are required to be trained to handle our grievances.
Our Grievance Committee volunteers are James Passos (DFW), Lindsay Thomas (SEA), Karen Sloan (BWI), Yvonne Howard (ATL) and Katie Taylor (IAD).
Concerns relating to grievances as well as hearings should be directed to
Officer Advisor: John Reise

Hotel/Transportation Committee
The Hotel and Transportation Committee works with management in establishing adequate hotels for layovers per the AFA-CWA contractual language and monitors flight attendant write-ups of violations. They also work to make sure transportation is timely and meets safety standards.
Our Hotel and Transportation Chairperson is Kaipo Passos (DFW) joined by volunteers Mendy Cleveland (DFW), Justina Martin (IAD), Matt Meyer (IAD), and Jenny Wergin (SEA).
Concerns relating to our hotels, travel and ground transportation should be directed to
Officer Advisor: Debbie Parker

Jumpseat Committee
The Jumpseat Committee will work towards establishing and maintaining our jumpseat agreements.
Our Jumpseat Committee chairperson is Katie Taylor (IAD) and she is joined by volunteers Andrea Ragan (IAD), Christian Norris (BWI), Tania Jenkins (IAD).
Concerns and questions relating to our current Jumpseat agreements and ideas regarding future jumpseat agreements should be directed to
Officer Advisor: Debbie Parker

Negotiations Committee
The Negotiations Committee is prepared to negotiate for any items that may come up in the interim period before we are able to enter into full contract negotiations in the 3rd year of our contract. A new Negotiating Committee will be interviewed and appointed prior to the next round of full contract negotiations as per the AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws. Any member in good standing may apply to serve on the Negotiating Committee at that time.
Our Negotiating Committee chairperson is John Reise (DFW) and he is joined by volunteer Katie Taylor (IAD) and Brad Butterfield (IAD).
Concerns relating to our contract negotiations should be directed to
Officer Advisor: John Reise

Safety, Health, and Security Committee
The Safety, Health, and Security Committee works with management representatives to ensure Flight Attendant health and safety in the workplace and on layovers. They also coordinate write-ups on safety issues.
Our Safety, Health, and Security Committee chairperson is Neosha Taylor (DFW) and she is joined by volunteers Pamela Garza (DFW), Brian Mortenson (SEA) and Anthony Rodriguez (DFW).
Concerns relating to our flight attendants, passengers and operations safety, health and security should be directed to
Officer Advisor: Debbie Parker

Scheduling Committee
The Scheduling Committee provides input to and coordinates with the company scheduling department in reviewing the Flight Attendant schedules and contract legalities. The Scheduling Committee will work with the company to make sure that trips are distributed between bases and assigned to individuals correctly.
Our Scheduling Committee chairperson is Jamie Arrington (DFW) and he is joined by volunteers Eddie Avellana (DFW), Tricia Huber (DFW), Drew McCulloch (LAS), Kamalu Mokiao (DFW), Takona Scauflaire (DFW), Derek Villagomez (DFW) and Erin Woolford (IAD).
Concerns relating to the legality of our schedules should be directed to
Officer Advisor: Anita Trump

Uniform Committee
The Uniform Committee works with management to ensure contractual language is adhered to regarding Flight Attendant uniforms. Provides input and direction to any changes in uniform standards.
Our Uniform Committee chairperson is Eddie Avellana (DFW) and he is joined by volunteers Mendy Cleveland (DFW), Christian Norris (BWI), Heidi Perera (DFW), Takona Scauflaire (DFW), Lori Welbourne (DFW), Amy Smith (DFW), and Naitro Taylor (IAD).
Concerns about our uniform pieces and requirements should be directed to
Officer Advisor: Anita Trump

Human Rights Committee
The Human Rights Committee assists in creating a safe space for people to share their personal experiences in relation to age, color, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender, gender expression and political orientation. Actively partner with progressive community allies to build activism and power through training, organizing and political action.
Our Human Rights Committee’s chairperson is John Reise (DFW). He is joined by volunteers April Pegg Joplin (BWI) and Wanda Haynes-Bazart (DFW).
Concerns relating to this committee can be directed to
Officer Advisor: John Reise

If you have any questions or concerns and you are not sure where to send it feel free to email any of your officers at , or and we will help direct you in the right direction!

Would you like the opportunity to improve your own skills? Have you ever thought about helping your fellow Flight Attendants? Do you want to improve the quality of our work life? We can affect the change we want to see in our workplace by becoming involved in our Union, AFA-CWA. Our Union committee volunteers play an integral part in promoting our career as aviation’s first responders. Review the opportunities and roles offered by each AFA committee below. Contact your Local Council Representative for information about how to get involved.

If you would like to volunteer for a committee or get involved in any way, please email We are actively looking for more volunteers and will always welcome more volunteers. Ideally, we would like at least one flight attendant from each base on every committee to represent the varying needs in each base. The more people we have, the more voices we have, the stronger we are!