The activities of our union are overseen by working Flight Attendants who serve as activists and leaders. We are driven by the priorities identified by our members based in Baltimore, Washington Dulles, Dallas, Las Vegas, Seattle and Yokota. Under the Railway Labor Act, which givers terms and conditions of employment in the airline industry, our contract becomes amendable December 2022. This means we will be able to negotiate changes and improvements to the contract, also known as the "CBA" (collective bargaining agreement).

Benefits & Retirement

The Benefits and Retirement Committee works with Omni to improve options for 401K plans, benefits and retirement for our members.


EAP & Pro Standards

The EAP/ Professional Standards Committee offers Flight Attendants confidential crisis assistance and helps in finding professional aid when needed.



The Grievance Committee represents Flight Attendants in discipline and contract disputes and helps members understand the CBA.


Hotel & Transportation

The Hotel & Transp. Committee works with management to establish adequate hotels per the contractual language and monitors write-ups of violations.



The Negotiations Committee works with the assigned AFA Staff Negotiator to negotiate changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Safety, Health, Security

The Air Safety, Health & Security Committee works to ensure Flight Attendant health and safety in the workplace and coordinate write-ups on safety issues.



The Scheduling Committee reviews the Flight Attendant schedules for contractual and FAR legalities and provides suggestions to Crew Scheduling on improvements.



The Uniform Committee works to ensure contractual language is followed and provides input and direction to any changes in uniform standards.


MEC/LEC Officers

July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2026

Close At Hand Material

Our Contract

Omni Air International...hereby recognizes the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, the duly designated and authorized representative of the Flight Attendants.


Union Membership

Union Membership is the foundation through which we gain a voice on the job and a binding legal employment contract.


AFA Learning Academy

Leadership development and member education are a priority of AFA-CWA. The Online Learning Academy offers a variety of training and education.