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AFA Omni – Negotiation Update
AFA Omni – Council 72 News
Negotiations Have Started!
Inflight Training Instructor – June 2022
AFA Omni – Spring News 2022
AFA Omni – April 2022
AFA Omni – March 2022
AFA Omni – December 2021
Omni AFA MEC Update – September 29, 2021
Management’s Afghan Evacuation Flight Response
Evacuation Flights
AFA Supplemental Benefits Information
AFA Contact for Middle East Flying
Apply for the Negotiation Committee!
Middle East Flying – AFA Council 72
AFA Omni June 2021 Omni Air
Council 72 AFA Omni News: June 2021
Voluntary Furlough Information – LAS, DFW Bases
AFA Omni News February-March 2021
AFA Grievance Mediation Information
Your Union – AFA Omni News January 2021
Your Union AFA Omni News December
AFA Omni Fall 2020 News
Professional Standards Issues? Start Here.
Grievance Settlement – Extended Report Time
AFA Omni Fall 2020
Duty on Ground Pay Information
AFA Omni News September 2020
AFA and Covid Exposure
AFA Omni Newsletter – August 2020
Your Union – AFA Omni News July 7.7.2020
ATL Base Closure Agreement
Calls from Management
Email to Management Example
Management Rejects COVID Protection Proposal
Union Plus Bachelor’s Degree, Volunteer Opportunities, EAP Services
Furlough Cancelled, ATL Base Closure
Support Services Set Up by EAP/FADAP
COVID-19 Update 4.3.20
Downsizing and ATL Base Closure Resources
COVID-19 Update 3.26.20
Furlough – Follow Up 3/21/20
News of Furlough
COVID-19: Calling in Sick, Vulnerable Populations and More
COVID-19 Update
Managing Your Anxiety Around Coronavirus
AFA Omni ­­­­­March 2020 Update
DOT Notice on CBD
Meeting with Management
AFA Omni February 2020 Updates
New Option of TSA PreCheck for Non-Uniform Crewmember
Vacation Accrual and Payout Q&A
AFA Omni January 2020 Update
Vacation Q&A
Updated Spirit Jumpseat Listing Procedures
IAD Cleaning Pay Grievance Update: Settlement Reached
Known Crew Member Changes
Hotel Committee Update
Right to Union Representation
Trip Trade Clarification
Attendance Policy and FMLA Information
AFA Omni May 2019 Updates
FAM Revisions Due This Thursday
AFA Omni March 2019 UpdateUniform Committee Update
AFA Omni February 2019 Update
EAP/Professional Standards Committee Update
Base Representatives and ASAP Information
ATSG Acquisition of Omni: What Does It Mean for Us?
Re: Air Transport Services Group Acquisition
AFA Disaster Relief Fund – North Carolina
AFA Omni July 2018 Update
Alaska/Horizon Jumpseat Agreement Update
Showtime in Lobby
New Jumpseat Agreements
AFA Omni May 2018 Update
AFA Omni April 2018 Update
AFA Omni March 2018 Update
Local Executive Council (LEC) 72 Election Results
News from your Council
Information about Dues and Dues Check Off Form
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Date of Signing is 1 DEC
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