Hearings – IMPORTANT!

What should you do if you get notice of a hearing from the company?

All members, including those of you on probation, have the right to have a Union Representative (or a Flight Attendant of your choice) for all hearings.

When you receive a hearing notice, it will be sent to you at your company email address and your Union Grievance Committee will receive the same notification. The hearing notification will state the policy that may have been broken and provide a date and time of the scheduled hearing. The hearing is when facts are gathered, and the company will ask questions pertaining to the event. The company will provide ample time for the flight attendant to discuss his/her side of the event. The Union Representative will be present to ensure the contract is followed and to assist the Flight Attendant with their rights. The hearings are normally a conference call with members from Inflight, HR, the Flight Attendant and a Union Representative.

If you are sent a hearing notification, you will be contacted by one of your Grievance Committee Representatives. Any contact from the Union is sent to your personal email. PLEASE reply to the Grievance Committee email. If you do not hear from a Grievance Representative, please reach out to your Officers or the Grievance Committee at .